How many logs do I get in a load?
Our standard load delivery is measured in volume. A single delivered load is 1m³ which equates to 1½ builders ton bag of loose logs. Our approximate count of logs in each load is 250 depending on size.
Why are your kiln dried logs more expensive than other suppliers?
It’s easy for any supplier to advertise as kiln dried, however – without carrying around a personal moisture reader you will never really know if what you are getting is authentic. The only way to guarantee the quality is to buy from a “Woodsure” certified supplier which we are. This accreditation provides assurance that what you are getting is kiln dried and has a moisture content of under 18%. The average price in the UK for a cube of REAL kiln dried logs is around £140
How are the logs delivered?
Our logs are delivered loose in the back of a transit van which can fit down most driveways. The logs are tipped on to our customers driveways or as close to the property as possible.
How do I pay ?
We can offer you the flexibility of cash, bank transfer , cheque or card transaction. This allows you the option to have your logs delivered without you being at home.