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Your local firewood suppliers

Lincoln Kiln Dried Logs is a family-run business based in Lincoln. We specialise in the sale and delivery of quality firewood across the region. We only sell Kiln Dried hardwood logs as they are a superior log compared to traditional seasoned logs. They produce more heat, a cleaner burn and are more economical . We have competitive prices and deliver our logs in cubic metre load sizes which is dropped loose from the back of a tipper van. If you buy in bulk, there are attractive deals that we can offer reducing the price as low as £86 per load (£57 per bulk bag). We also sell kindling and firelighters which are ideal to get your fire started. Although our store is on the outskirts of Lincoln, we can deliver our products to customers across Welton, Nettleham and Washingborough. If you live within a 25-mile radius, there is no delivery charge.

We are the only Lincoln based company that is Woodsure certified which proves that our logs are real quality kiln dried logs. When buying your fuel from Lincoln Kiln Dried Logs you can be sure you are getting the very best quality of logs for your wood burning stove/multi fuel burner and open fire so much so that we are personally recommended by stove showrooms throughout Lincolnshire.



Kiln Dried means longer burn time!

Kiln dried wood has an exceptionally long burn time when compared to traditional seasoned wood. There is a higher cost attached to kiln dried wood, but with the higher advantage of heat output and burn time you will inevitably use less logs so is well worth the investment for the return.

Better for smoke reduction

Smoke coming from inadequately dried wood is not only unpleasant for those trying to enjoy a roaring fire, it is hazardous to the stove itself. Buildup from this wood coats the stove and has been known to cause fires which is why selecting just the right dried wood is essential. Kiln dried wood is seasoned at a faster rate and therefore, the moisture content is drastically reduced. In some cases kiln drying can reduce moisture content down to just 8%, so there is virtually no additional smoke produced from excess water content.

Higher heat output!

As wood is abundant in nature, you don’t need to spend much even if you buy in bulk. Also using wood as your heating source can bring down your energy bills.

Call Lincoln Kiln Dried Logs on 07778 443 173 for superior-quality firewood supplies across Lincolnshire.